One of Many Healthy Recipes for Dinner

Garlic String Beans
Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

This is how it looks like to eat a healthy plant-based dinner.

I know how hard it is to come up with healthy recipes for dinner, I hope my simple dinner will inspire you to make more healthy choices for your family.

I have a hungry teenager with bottomless stomach, who plays tennis, which means she can eat, and you better feed her quick before the hangry monster comes out of her.

Tonight, I made something very simple that she actually enjoyed to my surprise. So I decided to share.

It’s not totally support health nut level healthy, but decent for a typical teenager. And it worked out perfect as you’ll see.

Here it go:

I first started by stuffing some stuffer mushroom with Italian sausage. I got this idea from Whole Foods. We used to buy the stuffed mushroom from Whole Foods, but now I figure how to do it.

I left the stuffed mushroom in the fridge, while I went to pick her up from her tennis match at Kamehameha School. Super nice school, BTW.

When my child got in the car, of course, the first thing she asked was “what’s for dinner?”.

Anyway, fast-forward driving and getting home.

I put the stuffed mushroom in the oven while it is pre-heated.

In the mean time, I preheated the frying pan on the stove, while I prepared the string beans (trimming both ends). When the string beans are ready, I throw them in the hot pan with oil in it.

While the string beans are cooking on the stove, I chopped up cloveS of garlic, because my child asked specially for “lots of garlic”.

When the green beans are almost done, I added salt, pepper and chopped garlic and cooked longer.

The string beans finished before the stuffed mushroom, so we started dinner with eating just string beans. We finished all the string beans before the stuffed mushroom was even close to finish, and my child wanted more string beans. So I made more string beans while still waiting for the stuffed mushroom.

While I repeated the whole process of making string beans, my hungry child started eating pineapples.

By the time the string beans are done, the stuffed mushrooms are done too.

We sat down to eat our dinner together, just like any other family.

Our dinner is kind of a short-order cook, but it worked well to feed my child a healthy meal that is mostly vegetables and fruits - string beans and pineapples. By the way, between the two of us, we ate a whole pound of sting beans just this one meal.

Have you notice we didn’t have any starchy items? Dinner is so much easier and healthier without any starchy items.

And most importantly, my hungry child is fed to her satisfaction.

Hope this inspires you…