Everyone wants to blame everything on genetics.

I just saw my patient who I’ve been following since January this year for weight management. The child is obviously overweight by appearance and growth chart.

Dad came with the child for the appointment today.

This is what dad told me her typical food intake in a day:

Breakfast: bacon, eggs and waffle with juice and water
Lunch: turkey and cheese sandwich with yogurt or fruit cup and water
Dinner: fish and noodle with diluted apple juice.

Dose this look like the diet of someone who’s been seeing a dietitian monthly and supposedly want their child to be healthy?

By the way, she has not lost any weight in the past 6 months. But keeps gaining weight at each visit.

I printed out a copy of the growth chart for dad. I explained the findings in the growth chart and risk of developing type 2 diabetes if things continue the way it is, Dad just stares at the chart for a long time.

Before they leave, he mumbles something about her bone density, and whether there’s a way to see how dense her bone is and how much body fat she has.

Trust me. Someone with heavy bone usually looks slim, but looks heavy on the growth chart.

He claims that it’s her “genetics” that make her heavy-set as he is heavy himself too.

This is where I roll my eyes and just agree with him. Whatever you want to believe.

Yes…it’s your genetics…

It’s your genetics that makes you gain weight when you eat unhealthy foods.

It’s your genetics that makes you have hard time making dietary changes.

It’s your genetics that makes you have the way you are.

Seriously…what are you protecting your children from when you only feed your child their “favorite” foods?