Is Juice Fast Safe?

I’m sold.


Juice fast works…

This guy Joe Cross is good. For someone without any medical experience and/or background, he successfully demonstrated how reversing chronic diseases and weight loss are totally achievable with lifestyle changes that include dietary changes and exercise. 

I know many medical professionals who are watching this documentary would disagree with the juice fast approach. After all, we've been taught in school that starving or fasting is a bad for the body. This idea has deeply ingrained in us.

But I disagree, as a registered dietitian.

The juice fast introduced in the documentary makes perfect sense. You're not 100% starving. You’re still getting calories and nourishing nutrients in its purest form. 

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You have no idea how long the human body can survivor without food. I see that every day in the hospital. Patients on NPO (nothing by mouth) for 5-7, sometimes up to 10 days or longer with only IV (intravenous) fluids (aka salt water).

Usually these patients have some kind of gastrointestinal disorders that prevents them from ingesting and digesting food. And in most case, these patients would have intravenous infusion of saline solution, sometimes sprinkled with some dextrose and electrolytes.

Then, there are adults and children starving without food or water in third world countries.  These are more severe cases of starvation that last even longer than patients we see not eating in the hospital for medical reasons.

Technically, the juice fast is not a real “fast”. You’re just replacing your usually calories with pure nutrients. And in doing so, there is a small caloric deficit.

The juice fast feels like a “fast” because it is significantly a lot less calories and food compared to the usual diet someone eat to gain the excess body weight.

The juice fast probably provides enough calories to maintain a healthy weight, it’s just that our normal way of food consumption is so distorted that when we're consuming the APPROPRIATE amount of calories, that it seem deficit.

After all, it’s a lot easier to consume 2,000 calories in ONE meal of cheeseburgers, fries and milkshake than to consume 2,000 calories of pure fruits and vegetables juices in one day.

While the juice fast does create a caloric deficit (from 4,000 calories a day to 2,000), it also introduces an abundant of very high quality and powerful antioxidants that optimizes the body's detox system to facilitate cleansing. 

With the caloric deficit, the body is forced to used the stored up fat from all those years of overeating and lack of physical activities for fuel.

As the body fat is being converted into energy and used, waste products are generated. The body fats also stored up toxic chemicals and artificial additives that we consume from our contaminated food supply. When fat cells are blasted up for energy, the toxic waste also leaks out. That explains why most people experience a period of ill-feeling during the initial weight loss process. However, as you continue to introduce the healing fresh fruits and vegetable juice potion, the body’s detox system will get more and more efficient.

The dark cloud eventually clears up, and you’ll feel brand new.  

I promise you won't die in this process.

Do you remember why we have body fat in the first place?

Have you noticed that we, as a nation, eats a lot of carbs.

Think of the last meal or even snack you ate. Carb is the focus.

Almost all the convenient snacks that we consumed frequently for convenience are carb, such as crackers, rice cake, granola bar, cereal bar, chips, Belvita cookies, etc.

All these so-called healthy snacks are not so healthy after all.

The main purpose of carbohydrate is to provide energy. Our body needs energy for basic body functions, such as breathing, heart pumping blood to circulate the body, thinking, digesting foods, etc. We also need energy for physical activities, even sitting, standing requires energy, and, of course, fun activities, such as hiking, swimming, sports, etc.

However, when we consume too much carbohydrates from food and beverages, especially simple carbohydrates and our body is not using up all the energy. Your body will start to store the extra energy in the form of body fats.

Our body does not have a purging mechanism that purges all the excess calories at the end of the day. Instead, our body stores the excess calories consumed and stored them as body fat, which is the storage unit of excess energy.

Our nation, in general, consumes a lot of carb, and that was the old idea from the historic Food Guide Pyramid.

The body stores excess energy just in case famine happens. But when was the last time you did not eat for 24 hours because of circumstances you cannot control?

Like never?

The juice fast induces the body to start dipping into the body fat to use as energy while infusing the body with life-enhancing powerful antioxidants from fresh fruits and vegetables. 

This is exactly what should happen In weight loss. You burn body fat while cleansing the whole system.

The Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 is even better. I wasn’t even going to watch this thinking that most sequel are disappointing. But Cross proves me wrong.

In this follow-up of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Cross shows the continued challenges people face after losing lots of weight initially with the juice fast.

The show dealt into the emotional aspects of eating, life stressors, social isolations, and how having a supportive community is crucial to life long success in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

The documentary shows a surprising side effect of changing our lifestyle. It went back to some people featured in the first episodes. It shows that changing YOUR OWN lifestyle not only impacts your own life, but can potential affects the people around you, and possibly your whole community.

I have to say, it is very inspirational and motivating not only for people who wants to lose weight, but for anyone who wants to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

I wish more people struggling with weight loss and making lifestyle changes would watch this and be inspired as well. 

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Author: Anna

I'm a board-certified Pediatric Nutritionist, who takes care of medically-fragile infants and children in the US Defense System; I'm mother of a teenager and a real estate investor. I love spending time with friends and family playing tennis, golf, hiking and stand-up-paddling. And we live in Honolulu, Hawaii.